Monday, January 05, 2009

Happy New Year!!!

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More important than setting New Year´s goals is reviewing the year that´s gone past. I begin this by reviewing last year´s resolutions:

1. Get a driver´s licence
2. Save and finance two major holidays
3. Lose weight
4. Settle in my skin
5. Make my man Happy

I´m happy to report that achieved all my goals, including a couple of others that weren´t planned:

1. Be at my mother´s wedding
2. Step up to some professional challenges
3. Overcome an unexpected health crisis

Normally these goals are kept to myself but in order to respond to the challenge I´ve decided to publicly report my resolutions for 2009:

1. Lose some more weight (I want to lose at least one more trouser size!)
2. Save for two major investments in the home (Furniture in Madeira and an Air Conditioner)
3. I want to get a raise (I know this one doesn´t depend on my exclusively but if I don´t get one this year, I´m going to have to make big professional changes. Preferably I want to be where I am, with the challenges I´ve been given – earning more.)
4. Invest more time in writing in my blog (I feel the need to invest more time in my thoughts)
5. Organise and enjoy another intense game of spin the bottle between friends starting from the level we left off last year.
6. Make my man Happy

Someone once told me to only make attainable goals – Every year I set the goals that I know I can and will achieve… I hope next year that along with these I can add a few more achievements along the way.
All I know is if I can successfully reach all these goals – it´s going to be an awesome year!
May all your goals and dreams be attained this year!


Luis Sardinha said...

In first place, congratulations for taking all your objectives!

For this year's objectives, it seems very good...

Sunshine said...

I knew you´d agree with them... ;) I bet they seem familiar, you´d think we live together =P

Storm said...

You should really take a look at your archives because last years resolutions are there. I take it that one of the holidays you financed was to Spain :)
Happy New Year Sunshine, let me know when you want to play spin the bottle ;)

Sunshine said...

LOL... woops! I guess I did and yes I went to Ilha Mágica! It was awesome!
You´re going to have to get on a plane if you want to come play spin the bottle ;)

Clairvoyant said...

Nothing new here. It's becoming a habit to see published your New Year’s resolutions every time you recover from New Year’s Eve wild party :)
Sorry, not worthy of more. You can do much better than that. I kind of miss the deeper contents of your writings. Come back Sunshine, you've been forgiven :)

Sunshine said...

The depths at which my inspiration has been these days isn´t for public reading... ;)
I´m still here, just like this blog and keep writing only that which i´m prepared to share.