Monday, January 05, 2009

Thanks for Nothing!

Picturesource: Unknown
After passing my driver´s exam on the 4th of December, I´ve been patiently waiting for the temporary permit I need to drive with due to the fact that the actual driver´s licence takes 3 months to be issued.
This permit is sent to the school at which I took lessons and according to them it normally takes a week to arrive.
However due to the holiday season, it took almost a month to arrive!

After calling every day for the last month since my exam, my enthusiasm earned the promise that someone would call me the day it arrived.
And so it happened…
On Friday afternoon at 18pm someone called to me to let me know that it finally arrived and that the school closed at 19pm.

The excitement was such that my man and I got in the car and decided to drive the 100km in order to fetch it… unfortunately we caught traffic and it was 18:57 when we were just exiting the highway – basically we were about 5-10 minutes away.
I decided to call the school, to let them know that I was on my way and ask the secretary to wait for me just a few minutes.
The response I got was short and crisp:
“I´m already closing, tomorrow we open at 9am and close at 13pm”
I was so flabbergasted that I even thanked her before cutting the connection.

No one is obliged to stay beyond their working hours but would five minutes have killed her?!
If she´d refused because she was going to miss her bus, train, plane I would´ve been sad but i´d understood – I believe however that this wasn´t the case.
The bitch simply couldn´t wait five minutes!

As much as this shouldn´t surprise me – this is after all Lisbon… attitudes like these bring out the worst in me.
Today when I go pick up my permit, I´m going to take the time to write a note in the complaints book – not because of this woman´s lack of consideration… I couldn´t do that… but due to the fact that 50 minute lessons only lasted 30 minutes, due to the fact that there was never any solid orientation and even due to the fact that the CD they sold me had many incorrect answers that had to be constantly reviewed with the instructor.

You know what they say: behaviour causes behaviour.


Storm said...

Let me guess, the tanie was a plaatneus!

Sunshine said...

Nope - she was just an abnoxious porra!

Clairvoyant said...

At least this one brought me back the memories of my old friend. Not too deep, but it shows the old spunk I remember in you.
Write down your complaints, make your Juju, but don't think too much of it. Move on with your life, now and in the future when similar situations occur. Take it from me, I know what I'm talking about. Been there, done that. You feel like taking a shovel to the moron’s head, and it would feel great for a moment. However, you know you can't do that. It's the world we live in. You can either be a wise guy or a sap. Fortunately, you seem more like a sap to me. And it's all because you believe in doing the right thing. Don't change, if the world had more saps, it would be a better place, of that I'm sure.

Sunshine said...

For whatever it´s worth: I got an apology when I went to go pick up the permit! =)