Thursday, January 15, 2009

Seeking Answers

If you had the opportunity to have the questions of your life answered, which would you want to be answered?
Most of us learn to accept and resign ourselves to the fact of life that things happen. Good things, bad things… they happen.
Sometimes, later in life we get the answers to old questions.
We discover why something had to happen, we realise the life’s lessons we learnt from a certain event in our lives and we put our questions to rest.
But then there are those questions we always wonder…

WHY did it happen that way?
WHAT was the decision?
HOW did that happen?
WHERE did that come from?
WHO did that?
WHEN did those feelings begin?

We resign ourselves to the unanswered questions because to most of these, there are no answers. Or are there? What if there was a way of knowing them?

Sometimes it’s best not to have our doubts confirmed.
Often, ignorance is bliss.
There’s a reason we don’t have all the answers and if we did, what would the consequences be? What would we do with them?

I believe that we all live on a need-to-know basis and that under no circumstance will we find out that which we’re not ready to know.
But to find out, to know that behind that door are the answers… it’s a conscious risk you take, knowing that you can’t “unknow” what you discover.
The open mind that expands will forevermore return to its original size

I accept the things which can’t be answered, but only if I come to the end of all attempts of knowing.
One of these days, I’m going to grab that opportunity…
I’m going to experience hypnosis and ask to be taken into the secrets of my unconsciousness.
I know that the choice I make will include the answers I don’t want to know.
But I simply want to know.


Luis Sardinha said...

When you search for anything you'll eventually find something. The problem is if you find something that you shouldn't know.

This post reminds me movies like "Back to the future" or the "Heroes" where knowing the future (or even things from the past) change the way you act in the present.

Do you know I'm a bit septic about this things but I believe that we know what we supposed to know.

Storm said...

If it aint broke then dont fix it! Either the answers come to you, or you let them be.
You yourself said it, ignorance is bliss.
I´ve seen too many important things destroyed because of stupid things or words.

Sunshine said...

Luis Sardinha: I agree with you, we only discover what we´re supposed to know. That is precisely the reason why i´m eventually making that appointment.

Storm: The way I see it, stupid things or stupid words are found out sooner or later. Normally things are dealt with better when they´re dealt with the soonest.