Friday, January 16, 2009

There´s a new tanie on the road!

Photosource: Unknown
I did it!!!
I drove on my own!
My heart was pounding madly!
As I put the key in the ignition I said a prayer and asked my guardian angel to keep me focused and safe.
In the 15 minute drive from Vila Nova da Rainha to Castanheira do Ribatejo, I managed to put in 5th gear going 70km/h. I did all my reductions correctly and timely and went at a respectable speed instead of the snail driver I’d started off as a week ago.
I didn’t spook with the rain.
I didn’t panic when I reached the road with all the potholes and realised they were too many to avoid.
Instead, I shifted to first gear and slowly went over all of them.
I must admit, I thanked all the lucky stars for the easy and spacious parking space I found upon reaching my in-laws apartment… where normally you have to drive around a couple of times before you find a tight space in which to squeeze!
Handbrake up, gear in neutral and turn key until the car goes off.
And just before I unbuckle my seatbelt, I put the car in 1st gear for safety reasons.
I’m pretty diggity, dang, dong proud of myself!


Luis Sardinha said...

Congratulations and thank you to leave the car intact...

It was the first of many other trips lake these.
I told you that you could handle it fine.

Neuronio Perdido said...

Parabéns!! É preciso é ter segurança. Se te sentires segura tudo corre bem!

fieryfairy said...

Congrats! I remember the first time I drove on my own after taking the test...I was a nervous wreck and I have a hazy memory of the actual drive! Unfortunately I havent really been behind the wheel since so my next drive will prob be identical to the first!

storm said...

Oh no! Another woman driver on the road! hehehe I´m sure you´ll do just fine. but be sure to take out a full risk insurance just to be sure :)

Marco said...

Medo... muito medo!

Sunshine said...

Luis Sardinha: I make no promises, let´s consider taking our a full risk insurance policy =P

Neuronio Perdido: O dificil é chegar aquele ponto em que temos completa confiança nas nossas habilidades - o pior é quando ganhamos essa tal confiança! =P

Fieryfairy: I had my licence before but barely gained experience before stopping altogether, more frightening than your exam is the first time you drive by yourself... it gets easier though, or so they say - I haven´t gained all that much confidence in myself yet.

Storm: I´m not all that shabby! And I bet I use the correct flickers in places where you no longer bother! =P

Marco: Hehehe, e se eu te dissesse que já levei o carro para Lisboa? Talvez é melhor também investires num seguro contra "todas"... hehehe.

Soph!a ღ said...

Eu qd comecei tb era assim...ultimamente n tenho conduzido,mas prontos...logo se vê

Sunshine said...

Não consigo imaginar perder este meu medo de fazer asneira. Tenho medo de ganhar confiança para não me descuidar...
Aconselho vivamente em investires na tua condução - é uma liberdade incomparável com qualquer outra!