Monday, June 27, 2005

I Don´t Wanna Talk About It

I Don´t Wanna Talk About It
As an adamant believer in communication, I’ll probably be the first to say that there’s very little that one thinks and feels that shouldn’t be said. If you’re looking for a reaction, for a change or for any kind of feedback: you must be willing to risk opening your mouth and speak your peace.
Be it in your career, with family, friends or that special someone you simply can’t seem to find the words to express how you feel… the longer you avoid or postpone the truth, the more it seems to gain weight on your shoulders.
Choosing the right words may seem a difficult task but as long as you remember your intention and the truth in your message: there’s nothing in the world that can’t be said…

Conversation is meant to carry across a message, clarify doubts and convey the truth. It becomes as important to the receivers as it is for the communicators when you realise that at times the slightest, most unimportant bit of information a person can give us may just be the leading key factor in the decisions we make.
Stronger than force, superior than intelligence and mightier than the sword: words have the power to move mountains. Words are so magical or so fatal that one might even describe them as witchcraft from those who know how to use them.

And yet… there are times in our lives when silence is the only form of expression worthy of how we feel.

The gift of foresight is the one that allows a person to already know where every road may lead and the end to every conversation. A clairvoyant may not be able to tell you much about the journey but still manages to tell you where you may end up when you choose a certain path. When it comes to talking, this path may make all the difference. The words we choose to speak determine how effective our conclusions will be.

When the ending to a conversation is a definite solid, some of us choose to not bother with the chatter in between. It’s pretty much like trying to talking to a lawyer after you’ve been sentenced: no matter what you say you’re going to be punished anyway, so why bother? I had a truly hard time comprehending the concept of silence when words are the windows to all hope…

However, I understand the need for silence when no words can change facts. It’s like wishing that the sky was pink and that the ocean tasted like strawberries.

I don’t want to talk about it.

I don’t want to say the words that will generate the answers I already know. Why torture the both of us with talk that changes nothing and puts at risk everything?
Lately I feel that the truth can be as painful as a lie… and although we’ve never lied to each other, there are some truths I prefer not to speak about.. It’s like walking on broken glass: Why crush something that’s already broken?

Not all communication can be predictable. Not all roads take to you to all the same places and one should be quite certain about the outcome before allowing assumption or guessing shape our decisions or words. However, when you know for certain the answer to the question; you might want to save your breath.


Storm said...

Babes, as long as you talk to SOMEBODY about it... don´t you shut out the world or your friends will have to whip your ass! Think of that U2 song you sent me recently... that´s what we´re here for.

Brisky said...

The choice is: To be sure of the answer, or keep the doubt! Nevertheless I often prefer the doubt since, I can live the romance, the way I want with "... the power of love, a force from above, cleaning my soul, flame under desire, love with tons of fire, make love your goal... " thanx FG2H, I'm not throwing water on this flame, cos it could turn out to be much stronger than I thought it would be, and I don't want to get burn again.
I know it's not the better way to deal with, but it's the best I know, maybe my way of sheltering. Kill love with love... is the easy way, and it's the best.

Nevertheless cheer up! Cos:
"Tristezs não pagam dividas!"

Anonymous said...

Whatever the answer to your question is, it´s always better to know than to live with the uncertain. if it´s not the one expected at least you can focus on mooving on with your life. not knowing gives you hope, and that hope can give you a slow death. so, please talk about it!

Luisa Singer said...

that las comment was from me