Thursday, June 30, 2005

Dance Me

Dance Me

I believe in the Tango, between people where one person takes one step before being corresponded with a step in the same direction.
An action that causes a reaction and a result derived from another result.
I would’ve taken our dance all the way if only you’d guided me across the dance floor.
Scared and insecure I confess that I was afraid to fall on my face but still I wanted to try with you. I trust you enough to want to dance with you.
One dance, two dances… maybe more, maybe less.
No one can truly tell how long a dance will last and how many dances there’ll be. Fate determines the hour that stops the music and the moment to change partners. Fate is the deejay that plays the songs that make me want to dance with you.
I grow wary of trying to predict how long the music will last, what time announces the end of the evening or waiting for a better song to dance to before getting up on my feet.
Partners come and go offering you their hand to dance with. Lately I’ve realised that instead of waiting for a good dancer, you should pick someone you enjoy dancing with.
I want to dance with you.

When words aren’t enough or too much to handle, a touch manages to explain everything left unsaid. The feel of you stroking my hair, the heat in your touch was the comfort my soul had been thirsting for. I longed for that tenderness that only you could provide and I felt embarrassed at how badly I needed your understanding. Embarrassed at how I felt, conscious of my words, afraid at my own reactions.
If only I’d gotten that green light… that more adventurous touch… those words… I would’ve danced with you.
It would be so easy to bend forward and kiss you, would you have turned away?
I didn’t want to be just another name in your big history book. I didn’t want to become that to you and I knew that neither did you… neither of us wants to lose what we already have with each other. And so we took the dance no further and let the song end without the grand finale we could’ve danced to.
If you had taken the steps with me, we would’ve danced… I don’t know whether it would be one song, two songs or a whole night of music, I just know I would’ve so liked us to dance.

The moment has passed but the music still plays in the back of my mind. Have I let my imagination run away with me again? I wonder if perhaps in my somnambulant state I may have misinterpreted the moment you gave me for no more than wishful thinking. Is that where the music began and ended? Either way, I still wished we danced.

Even if it’s to just one song, even if only for a moment take those steps that could very well be the beginning to a magnificent Tango.


Anonymous said...

such moments last in time... we always wonder... what if... they're delicious... yet... they'll happen more times with different outcomes... life is wonderful! Live it! Be U! KKK W

Chronis said...

To dance the Tango... To dance, simply, just that... To pass the movements of our heart for the body and, later, to the track... Is there better sensation that to free your body and the soul in a dance floor?! Perhaps yes, but none if can compare! Just keep smiling and dancing... all night long :)***

Sheara Camacho said...

I love to dance!
Dancing is quite powerfull, it can send strong messages.

Love, seduction, anger, revenge.... all messages that can be sent through something so simple yet so complicated as dancing.

Is a dance really ever over or are we continously dancing? Who knows?

I preffer seduction myself, therefore I love the belly dance, the exotic sounds, hard drums beating like thunder... well it also depends what song you choose...

So keep on dancing, and remember you can do so much more then just dance!

Brisky said...

Music, rhythm! No Tango, no RAP, no DANCE... just simple melodic rhythm, love to dance, love to be taken by the rhythm of the moment, the environment, the sensuality of the bass, the chill of the keyboard, there’s no type, no factions, just pure simple music, that takes me like a puppet through the dance floor, and leaves me drained of energy until the rhythm will take me over and over again, until the night is over. DaNcE