Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Kiss Kiss

Kiss Kiss
There are things that you simply shouldn’t consider when thinking about trying new things… one of them is kissing a friend whilst under the influence of alcohol: same sex or not.

After a week’s pressure of work and of having to handle emotional issues, onto a night where more drama was bound to happen: the only way I knew how to deal with it all was self-anaesthesia by means of alcohol. It may not be the wisest of solutions but it sure as hell is an effective one! Bring on those strawberry cocktails with vodka! Being tipsy was a hell of a lot better than having my nerves all wound up.

What you usually forget is that you tend to feel things with double the intensity when you’re under the influence of booze, and so all those little things that had been bugging me lately suddenly bugged me a whole lot more. And because you’re in too great a mood to feel them like you should, you drown them with one glass after another.

They say that alcohol has many phases. I’m not sure in which order they come but I know that there’s a sleepy stage, a happy stage, a laughing stage, a strong phase and then there’s that phase that gets people like me in trouble: the courageous stage!
Putting aside the fact that I hate turning down a dare, I especially hate turning down a dare when I’m drunk! I usually have above-the-average control of my senses when intoxicated, however on Saturday night I decided throw caution to the wind.

So when my friend turns to me and dares me to kiss her, I simply did the unlike me: thought “Oh what the hell” and connected lips with a woman.

You should try everything at least once in your life! I won’t say that I enjoyed it; I won’t say that I didn’t enjoy it. What I will say is that kissing another woman was different. Lips were smoother and dare I say technique slightly more erotic?

I won’t be kissing any more girls again (or at least I don’t think I will) but I don´t regret the kiss I shared with my friend either. Firstly because neither of us took it seriously to the point of it meaning anything between us; secondly because it was something I’d never tried before (like to try everything at least once) and lastly because it just made me realise just how heterosexual I am.
Not trying to put the damp towel on lesbian kissing, I dare say that it is an exceptionally good kiss. However, there was something missing in that kiss that I could only find in the kiss of the man next to me… those stronger lips, tougher skin and intense heat that makes a girl weak at her knees…
Then there’s everything that involves the kiss with a man: the way he holds you while he kisses you, the smell of his skin, the taste of his lips and the way he moves his tongue with yours… there’s pure magic in a man’s kiss!
While there’s a thrill in a kiss with a woman, it’s the man’s kiss that keeps me coming back for more!

Later that very night, I had someone I’d just met try and steal kisses from me. Amused and flattered I had to admire the guy’s persistence. However, this person wasn’t as lucky. I had only two kisses for the night and neither of them belonged to him. I couldn’t give him that satisfaction for the simple reason that my lips craved the magic I’d tasted in the kiss of someone else. Even though both kisses were forbidden, they served in a positive purpose, making me realise the true value of a kiss to me.

A good friend of mine taught me that a person only has as much value as you give them, I believe that the same regards for kisses as well.


Luisa Singer said...

A kiss between two women is a magical thing. There´s a lot of sensibility in both part and that´s what it makes it so special.Between friends, even better cause it generates a cumplicity between caracters, and off course it doesn´t mean always that you´re gay. It´s just another part of our feminin side...

Sheara Camacho said...

Hummm, that's one of the most confusing columns I've ever read! Lots of mixed messages!
But anyhows, keep writing!

Anonymous said...

I believe I'd never try to kiss a man... but never say never... agree with that excellent description of kissing the other sex lips, on the man side... and I envy U... women... so KKK wherever W

Elvio said...

Mmmmmmm, a kiss is always special, no matter what, especially that long awaited first kiss, you think about it every time you see that person, temptation cant hold long until you give that kiss. its a moment you will never forget.
I agree that a man's kiss does give more tension,more strenth and satisfaction... ive done it, and i like it, no ofense, a girls kiss is soft and tender, but hey, thats what men are for... lol
If only I was

Chronis said...

Meaning: act of putting your lips in another persons lips, being or doing in signal of love, affection or veneration; light contact.
Somebody said: "A kiss is just kiss...". I don’t agree at all! A kiss is not alone a kiss! A kiss is the first contact that defines someone as the person we kiss. A kiss can be a promise of love, a trick or an essential preliminary in a relation. For times, it sends us to the past, when a kiss was the maximum sensation that we could acquire.
A woman never gives little meant to a kiss!
Ingrid Bergman, a well known actress of Hollywood, explained everything when one day she said that "a kiss is a charming trick of the nature to make somebody to silence when the words become superflows". Truth!
Who didn’t left to lead and it binds the "automatic pilot" when is left of speaking and the languages are interlaced and follow... With one alone destination in mind?!... Any loving relationship depends on a kiss to start.
To discover as another person kisses is an expectation that excites and many times worry because, if it will not be compatible, it will be able to total change the route of a relation. In compensation, when a kiss corresponds or until it surpasses the expectations, it is signal of that has great chance of that relationship to walk...
And who does not like, unexpectedly, finishing with one discussion giving one of those long and wet kisses that leave any one without breath?!

Baileys said...

Huummmm, LOL, you go girl!!! Wanna give me a kiss?

IceVsFire said...

Kiss...I´ve looked in a dictionary the meaning of "kiss"
1 [n] a light glancing touch; "there was a brief kiss of their hands in passing"
2 [n] the act of caressing with the lips (or an instance thereof)
3 [n] any of several bite-sized candies
4 [v] touch with the lips or press the lips (against someone's mouth or other body part) as an expression of love, greeting, etc.; "The newly married couple kissed"; "She kissed her grandfather on the forehead when she entered the room"
5 [v] touch lightly or gently; "the blossoms were kissed by the soft rain"

In an instant a such simple thing turned up to be something more or maybe something less...someone once told that anything that could be defined or explained didnt worth the trouble of getting worry with...but can i understand the meaning of a kiss...seems easy...but ive given away,gave ,received and stolen so many kisses and all of them had different meanings..some i can remenber other i cant and other i dont want to...i believe that the important is not the kiss but the moment and what u feel in that moment ,u can feel love,passion,atraction ,desire,temptation,lust..or u just cant feel nothing ..I can kiss 1000 girls and dont feel nothing ,having no the same time i can love ,care about ,desire and feel tempt about 1 person that i never kissed and never will....can be a friend someone of the family some that i never met or see....a kiss its just a kiss nothing more..just one of the many paths to get everything or nothing.......anything that could be defined or explained dont worth the trouble of getting worry with..

Brisky said...

Hum. That was, disgustfully good, I mean fantastically tense… and sweetly powerful. Yeap, a kiss is like an exchange of energy, when you get one like the one you always dreamed of, might think all rules of physics apply; heat, vibration, pressure, can even be exhausting, tense and powerful.
What a kiss transmits is subjective and chronis’s right; a kiss isn’t just a kiss, since when a kiss happens, you free all that you were holding inside, that’s why a kiss is as much intense as less you give them away, but never hold one inside for much time since, you never know if you can control it when you free it… I believe the balance is always the best, for everything! Thus applies to kisses.
Being romantic, kissing is always the beginning of something good, just depends on how much meaning you want to apply on it, represents thrust and care, and when given with passion, it’s a lot more than everything else!
I never kissed a man, but I’m not planning of doing it, then again, never say never. My preference goes to the soft and tense female lips, thin, pink, wet and gentle lips.

A kiss can be as powerful as stormy sea and as gentle as a breeze touching softly the petals of a flower, but will only touch you where you really want.

As always a huge kiss to you, where want it to be.

Sheara Camacho said...

I'm sorry to say but anything weather man with man, women with man, women with women, if there is tongue it is sexual therefore a tongue kiss between to men is a gay kiss, between a man and a women is heterosexual kiss and between to women is a lebian kiss, if it were part of being femenin you'd see mother and daughter tonging each other everyday, so excuse you me, if you want to do it admit it it's a lesbian moment, weather a girl kisses another girl using tongue only once in her life she still had a lesbian/bisexual moment what ever makes you sleep better at night! Just my opinion, just thought I'd say what I think, I have nothing agains lesbians, homosexuals, bisexuals... everyone chooses to do what they want, just if you do do it assume it! I'm heterosexual, have had a lesbian/bisexual moment had a crush on a girl when I was younger, but that was as far as it went with me. Everyone has their own tastes, choices, fazes.... C'est la vie!
Not trying to offend, just trying to get my oppinion through...

Joe said...

K.I.S.S -Keep it simple Stupid

Sheara Camacho said...

A kiss isn't just a kiss, what is so simple about it, it envolves muscles, dance, emotion.... in the deep side of a kiss there is more to it then just lips and tongue! Stupid are those that call others stupid just cause their ideas don't match, I think the best work would be Egocentric for those people that offend others just by thinking differant!