Monday, January 16, 2006

Cleaning Out the Closet

I asked my angel for good friends
but he began removing people from my life.
“What are you doing?” I asked tearfully.
“I´m making space for what you asked of me” he replied.

Don´t cry for those who leave your life.
Though no person is irreplaceble, some where only meant to stay with us for as long as it takes to make an impact on our lives.

It is only human to weep for those we lose
but accept that no person is ours to keep
and have faith that God has a new friend waiting for fill the void that the old one left behind.

I cry because I hate goodbyes,
Because there is no greater pain that the loss of someone your heart treasures.
Because there is no anaesthetic for when someone is removed from your life nor morphine from the emptiness of the pain that their absence leaves you with.

Those present in my life may not be tomorrow
but I know that long after the tears have ceased to flow,
I can still find the special friends in my heart
and keep them alive in my memory.

Those who I can no longer remember are merely part of the trash that got thrown out when God decided to clean out my closet.


Chronis said...

I don't want never to say good bye to you... Although nor always I know how and when to say hello...

Anonymous said...

it's already a year we've known each other... still in the mood to stand up with me? U can be so clear and cool, say when!