Monday, January 30, 2006


An empty page.
It stares at me… I stare at it.
The ink in my pen is ready,
My hands await instructions to print the words that await creation inside of my head.

But I can’t find it… I’m uninspired.

Maybe I’m trying too hard… perhaps there is too little…
My mind wanders to places I can’t describe in words…
And writes the scripts I cannot read.

I wish the man in the grey jacket would stop and look at me before rushing to catch his train. Maybe he could tell me a story that I could write about…
Would he share with me the person he is and the places he’s seen –
Perhaps he’d take me there…
Perhaps he’d take me with him…

I tire of avoiding the subjects that whisper in the back of my mind.
The ones thrown into the garbage of the thoughts to be forgotten…
I’m exhausted by the forceful programming of my mind to see the things that I should see; the thoughts that I should ponder and the things I should write about.

In the things I should think and explore – I find nothing.
Nothing that inspires me to write more than this page that I’ve seemed to fill with useless words that hold no beginning, ending or conclusions to a story that does not belong to me and I know not how to tell…
Nonsense understood only by a frustrated soul on the verge of losing control of the mind.

Where is that magic that colours the pictures in my life?
That gives meaning to the moments and definition to the words that create the sentences of a story worth reading – a story worth writing about.

Somewhere in the thoughts I shouldn’t be thinking of.


Storm said...

Babygirl this blog proves that even in your moments of drought you still write the stuff worth reading about.
Instead of avoiding the subject why don´tyou write about whats bugging you?
Insipiration will be found when you turn sunny side up agian.
PS. Thanks for keeping it real - your my angel!

Hernani said...

Adorei o texto!!
Pois a dias k simplesmente nao encontramos inspiraçao(neste ate k acabast por encontar)..nao e k a isnpiraçao nao esteja la ate pk ela esta la sempre o problema e k de vez enquanto a outros pensamentos ou memorias k nao nos deixam ver ficares sem inspiraçao...e facil de resolver..enxe a banheira acende umas velhas queima algum incenso...uma musica ambiente e relaxa..vais ver k mais cedo ou mais tarde ela aparece como k a se auto convidar a juntar se a banheira ctg a partilhar o teu banho o teu momento....e ai veras sera mais claro