Monday, January 16, 2006

You Reap What you Sow

You, with your devious eyes...
You, with that deceptive smile...
You, who knows no boundaries to get what you want.
I can see you for who you are.

You measure, plot and plan every move you make
You play those around you like pieces on a chessboard
You who will try to fool your own mother...
I know what you want.

Do you honestly think he will love you after all your manipulation?
What respect can you gain from those you have defeated unmercifully?
Why should the world who any mercy unto you?
I recognise your signature on the unnecesary suffering...

You are the serpent who coils around the pawns you deem useful
You are the proud two-face that keeps her friends close and her enemies closer
No living being will ever take priority above your selfish desires
I figured out how you operate.

I pity the sad character that you are, who now has lost the power to fool me.
I pray for your soul that only knows faithfullness to itself.
I´m sorry, but I give up trying to rescue you, for there is little goodness that wants to be saved.
You, who has no friends – has no need for them.

One day you may even reach your goal.
You might conquer his commitment, have him in your bed, in your life and call him your own.
But you will never conquer the place in his heart that belongs to the true loves that you chased away from his life.
The warmth you seek will never come beyond his body
And you will always find yourself – successfully alone.


Chronis said...

Sometimes, it's this that I feel myself... Translated in these words... As somebody that never will conquer the place into one heart, of the loves that you I pursued and I moved away from my Life. The heat that I look for and never will come... And I go to always find me - successfully alone...

Anonymous said...

until the day it all happens! And U feel no sadness, no loneliness, just pleasure! for what U R, for what U have built, for your life intertwined with someone else's, beyond anything U expected possible...