Monday, January 16, 2006

Puppet on a String

There are those who love us,
Those who want us in their lives and are willing to sacrifice whatever it takes to be with us.
They practice understanding and patiently wait for us to open our hearts to them.
They are the friends who want to be more,
They are the puppets that we leave hanging...

We keep them hanging...
We recognise their qualities and atributes but to do commit because we do not love them... but one day we might.
Or so we tell ourselves that we might...
because we fear that there will be no one if true love doesn´t come along and that it is better to be with a puppet who loves us rather than to be alone.

Let Go.

Maturity gives us the tools we need to cut the strings.
Because those who love us have the right to find those who truly love them.
Because time cannot find love where it never existed
And because there is no greater and more selfish crime that to leave someone hanging.


Chronis said...

I don't want to leave you hung, as a puppet... But before, I need to leave myself of being that... An selfish puppet...

Anonymous said...

U know me! Do as U please! that way your responsability is higher, and also the trust... and the friendship!

Quicha said...

GREAT! :-)