Tuesday, January 17, 2006


He stands erect with a glass in his hands from which he drinks slowly.
Although around him the party is in full swing, his tie and jacket are still in place and he prefers to watch those around him rather than to join in the festivities.
He won´t be around a beautiful woman for longer than a small chit-chat and he allows no person to provoke him into dancing.

Shy guy? - Don´t be fooled, you may be staring at an ex-player.

Inside the tie and jacket is a man of all women who knows only too well how to dance, charm and play the field.
The kind that always played no less than two at a time...
A man who would make James Bond look like an amateur...
And although he may have retired from the game, you will find in his perceptive eyes that it still lives within him.
He may have given it up, but it takes restraint from the temptation of playing again.

I dare to tease..
Not to punish the player, not to torture him...
Just to remind him of who he is and the option he´s made.

I accused him of being stuck up, of no longer being the fun person that he once was.
Grinning, he reminded me that he was no longer free to be that person though I insisted that fun was still possible and faithfull within limits.
He looked away and then a minute later answered with the look of a man who pleeded with me not to tempt him.
Breaking the tension, I noted that he no longer held his glass of gin tonic and he replied defeatingly that the gin had finished at the bar as if i´d lost my weapon to convince him to let loose.

Two minutes later, I put a glass of gin tonic in his hands.
“Resourceful girl that you are!” he said admiringly.
“Not at all, I get everything I want and need with a mere “please” and “thank-you” accompanied with a smile” I replied defiantly.
He must´ve read the honesty in my eyes that let him know that I wasn´t after his heart because three minutes later his tie and jacket were off and we danced much to the horror of the worried glances around us.

As I was spun around on the dancefloor, I caugh the wink of another ex-player who smiled in recognition of my intentions.
I´d be dancing with him next...
But before I once again switched partners, my efforts were rewarded with a “thank-you” in an embrace that told me that he meant it.

As I approached an ex-student who had already learnt the lesson i´d just taught, I couldn´t help but sigh in self-satisfaction of a job well done.
Laughing, he pulled me into a tighter dance than the recommended for an ex-playerand whispered in my ear that I hadn´t lost my touch.
“Don´t you think you´re dancing too close to the edge?” I remarked as he pulled my leg firmly between his.
“No... considering that I know your true identity.” he replied teasingly.
“Which is?”
“Angel undercover. Though i´m guessing that at some point in your life you must´ve been quite a player yourself.”
I laughed at his fishing attempts.
“Perhaps in a previous reincarnation” I replied truthfully
“You must´ve been the Don Juan de Marco”
I smiled at the compliment.
“So what is his story? Recently married?” he asked
“Hopefully in the near future. She was an ex-girlfriend, engaged to be married. He has swapped her for others but woke up when he realised he was about to lose her. Chose his love for her over his player ways and fears falling into temptation.”
“What makes you think he won´t?”
“Same reason I know you won´t – he truly loves her.”
A sensual dance ended with a mutual smile.

We sympathise with the alcoholics who attend parties flowing with drinks and prudently avoid showing them the glass of wine that could cause the downward spiral of their addiction.
I sympathise, admire and respect ex-players.
In fact I sympathise, admire and respect anyone who stays true in the name of love.
However, I believe that all is healthy within it´s limits.

I was once again rewarded with a grateful smile as I watched my latest student leave unaccompanied. I know the freedom and joy his soul felt and that his heart conceded to. And I was happy for the woman he was going home to...Her faith in him is justified.

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Anonymous said...

so black and white! so clear, so structured! no grey...
Only blue! blue , deep eyes... like this heart and soul you're showing here!