Tuesday, June 27, 2006


So this is it.
I considered taking a photo and bringing it back with me as a souvenir but then I remembered that regardless of the wonderful day I was having, it would only remind me of that which hurts… the link, the source which provided me with its name.
A town so enchanting that it makes you want to get out the car to walk up and down its streets. A place where people smile at you and the air alone makes you feel welcome.
I felt miserable.
Even the ice cream I ate provided none of the usual comforting pleasure. I sat watching the ocean crash angrily on the rocks ahead of me and I felt the spray of sea salt cool on my skin - as if compare with the ice cold of my spirits.
Not bothering to try and cheer myself up, I realized that there were places and things in life that were going to hurt no matter which way you choose to look at them.
Looking out into the horizon I pushed back the past and wondered about the future. Life rarely works out the way I plan and on the way I lost so much trust.
In others… in myself…
I’m working on it though, and I’ve been able to mend, repair and recover some of which was lost… maybe these moments are meant to remind me of how far I’ve come.
I watched the sunset with the friends that had brought me there. Neither were the friend I’d imagined would show me this beautiful place but they were exactly the people whom were meant to bring me here… that’s destiny.
Do the regrets it reminds me of really matter?
They don’t make the place less beautiful and I’d have to be a fool to allow them to cloud my sight to its beauty and charm. Where and Who I am is far more important than who or where I’d thought I’d be.
As we left the city limits towards Sobreiro and onto Mafra it once again occurred to me how unimportant the destination is in life… The destination is as good as whom you’re traveling with and who is going to share it with you. Give less importance to where you’re going and more value to the journey itself.


IceVsFire said...

...nao existe caminho para a felecidade...a felecidade é o caminho..Ghandi...para um magricelas careca de oculos, o rapaz ate da uns tokes sobre o k a vida e deve ser...kuanto as recordaçoes k esse lugar t traz..lembrat do valor delas..sao apenas recordaçoes e estão condenadas a permanecer no passado..

unresigned said...

Ainda bem que foste conhecer a Ericeira. É um lugar magnífico, vou lá sempre que posso!

Storm said...

Let me guess, some doos promised to take you to that place and didnt.
For every promise that the doos promised and didnt keep therell be someone who will -take that person there and he´ll give you new meaning to the place.