Friday, June 02, 2006

Here We Go Again...

To learn from one’s mistake,
To learn from other’s mistakes…
No matter how quickly you learn,
No matter how good a student you may be,
There are days you feel like a total idiot.

To err is human,
To make the same mistake twice is foolish distraction,
To commit the same mistake a third time is insane stupidity.

To take the risk…
To risk it all…
An act of blind faith on a whim of the heart.
Because there’s always that possibility…
Because it’s the dream that drives you…
And not trying seems a bigger failure.

The consequences to a failed attempt.

It doesn’t only hurt because you failed…
It burns because you knew better…
Because somewhere along the line you made that mistake before…
Because you shouldn’t have risked it again.

To trust,
To yield,
To depend on someone’s will that’s not your own.
Disappointment guaranteed.

When all fails and everything is destroyed,
There’s always starting at the beginning,
Where you learn to trust yourself
And promise yourself not repeat past mistakes.


Anonymous said...

My cute & sweet friend.

To do or be mistaken is human.
To forgive is divine.

Have a huge kiss. ;*

Storm said...

You continue to be too hard on yourself Sunshine. Did it ever occur to you that some mistakes were simply meant to be made?
Dont let your frustration destroy that fire and courage I know and love.

IceVsFire said... la seja la o k tenhas feito nao pode ser assim tao mau...e a males k vem por kalker maneira..vais acabar por superar como sempre por ixo ...
Ainda assim nao sejas dura ctg mesma por teres cometido o mesmo soubesses a kantidade de erros k ja cometi vezes sem conta e contnuo a cometer...pensa cm eu...Porra um dia vai ter k acertar!!!

Quicha said...

What if the reason we make the same mistake over and over is because we still haven't learned what we had to learn from that mistake, even though we think we have... (?)
Everything happens for a reason, and in the end I don't think it's making the same mistake that's important, what's important is what we got out of the whole experience. We need to go through different situations in our life and sometimes other people are involved and those people (whether they realise it or not) teach us something.

Patrícia Chaparrínho said...

You can´t repeat the same mistake cause one situation is never identical to the other, so... it´s only another mistake, a different one, and dont we all learn from there? Our mistakes? We´re only human! Having the guts to go for it it´s a totally different matter... and not a lot of people i´ve met is as courageous as you. Most of them settle for anything that is confortable in life while you always reach for the highest star. That´s living! To settle is to die. Keep dreaming... one day your dream will come true... in good time. Words of an old soul...
Lot´s of love