Friday, June 16, 2006

What´s your sign

Tell me which house of the zodiac you were born under, and I’ll tell you which your prime character traits are.
Your star sign cannot tell you who you are, but it sure will help understand the pull of your personality.
Sure there are individuals that identify less with their star sign than others… (thank God for individuality!) As I mentioned before, it cannot tell you who you are but it sure gives other’s clues just as your racial ethnicity, your religious upbringing and the neighborhood you were raised in tells a lot about you.
Astrology is perhaps one of the oldest forms of heritage, lineage and psychology. In modern times, the stars are believed to foretell the future. The fact that sometimes what is calculated actually materializes; has built up a cult of believers.
Birth charts are drawn up, compatibility biorhythms are checked and what once was used to measure energy influence, has become a lucrative commerce.
Some will argue that astrology is no more than hogwash that a bunch of bored men invented and that if God wanted our personalities to be defined, he would’ve sent us with a manual… there are those that argue that Astrology is in fact that manual.

Whatever your beliefs are, there’s no denying a general interest or minimal curiosity from anyone you’ve ever met in regards to theirs.

What is your star sign?
Which are your prime reactions… the ones that define your general character?

I’m stubborn,

I’m also hard headed,
Brutally direct,
Leader of the pack,
Critical and did I mention I’m one of the most stubborn people you’ll ever meet?

That’s right, I’m an Aries… and damn proud of it too!
Those who know me will tell you that to have me as a friend, is to have a friend for life. Expect the clean cut truth with little or not sugar coating. I’m tolerant but whatever you do… don’t mess with the people I care about or I’ll make you wish you never met me.

The indecisive Libras are the ones I go on adventures with; I go to Capricorn’s for advice. Leo’s are my shopping advisors and Virgo’s are the ones that tickle my funny bone. Aquarians are the artists that I’ll go to a concert with and Sagittarians are best for theatre, movies and mind games. Pisces are the ones that understand, Cancers are the ones with solutions and fellow Aries are the ones with the strength. Scorpions are the ones with the passion, the ones to drive you to the edge and Gemini’s are the ones that make sure you’re having fun while you’re at it. And then there’s the Taurus’s… stubborn and hard headed, they’re the ones that push you further than you thought possible, lifting your moral and getting you to believe in yourself.

I made a list of all my friends and was surprised to find that through my life, the majority of my friends belonged to the house of Taurus. Two of these are considered my best friends, and immediately my interest peaked.

Why are Taurus’s good friends?
Because a lot like Arians, they like to tell it how it is. Expect a Taurus to be brutally honest and even hurtful when expressing his opinion… and boy do they like to express it! A Taurus can outtalk any sign on the zodiac, never reaching a point where they’ve said it all. In fact… they rarely get to the point! As exhaustive as this may seem, at least you know that with this sign, you’ll find someone who’s willing to share their ideas, knowledge and advice.

Are Taurus’s really intimidating?
The average Taurus makes his/her interest known almost always within the first encounter. Here’s someone that begins everything head first! Don’t be fooled into classifying him as impatient though. The Taurus is anything but impatient! They are known to hold out for as long as it takes to get what they want, persistent and never losing sight of their goals. They merely don’t like delaying the inevitable… however way they feel about you, you’ll probably know straight after meeting them.

So why have I never dated a Taurus?
According my astrology book, a Taurus doesn’t like a mate with a superior intelligence. Due to the fact that they like to talk, they don’t like the idea of having someone around that could correct them. Struck with disbelief, I decided to run the idea past a Taurus I worked with, his answer cleared my doubts:
“I wouldn’t know, I’ve never dated anyone more intelligent than me.”

The hide side!
Have I mentioned that a Taurus is almost as stubborn as an Arian? Add that to possessiveness and you’ll understand why he or she can either be a gift from the heavens or a nightmare from hell. Have you ever tried getting an idea out of a Taurus’s head? How about telling him that he or she is wrong in some or other matter? You better have proof and a hell of a lot of evidence to back yourself up – Taurus’s are born lawyers. Then there’s the drama… Taurus’s are natural actors and they live out every moment as if on an afternoon soapy!

So why bother?
Loyalty… Faithfulness… give your heart and friendship to a Taurus and know that you’ll never be betrayed. Taurus’s are also one of the top 3 signs in sense and sensuality. They’re known for their expertise in romance and passion as they are for the stubbornness; a reputation that they share with Scorpions and Arians. Purely masculine in both planet and meridian, they’ll take you to the stars and back. A Taurus is a mate for life. This is the star sign that holds the lowest divorce rate.

Few people define themselves by their star sign. Astrology lost its credibility somewhere in the newspapers and magazines which use it to entertain desperate people looking for a sign or mystical explanation. And yet… there are those that embrace their astrological heritage.

Did I also forget to mention that arrogance is also an Arian trait and that we hate admitting that when we’re wrong?...
It must be my high sense of Arian justice that causes me to deliver the just respect that the Taurus deserves (Arians keep their promises – I bet you’re surprised that I remembered to write this! Consider this the follow up of my first impression of you.)

I’m not the local astrologer nor do I know enough to describe every sign’s traits. Nor was this column intended that way…
What’s important is not what I believe but rather what you choose to believe.
Regardless of your star sign or beliefs; know your strengths and your weaknesses which make up your personality traits. As Einstein once said:
“Know thyself, only then can you begin to understand how the world works”


Storm said...

Horse! I´ve dated intelligent women!
Alright, they werent more intelligent than me but they werent idiots either.
I agree on the sensuality and passion part and you know im good for it.
And by the way woman - your not more stubborn than me so get over yourself. Between you and me things would almost always get done my way :-P

unresigned said...

E viva os carneiros!!!

Baileys said...

Like you said... if i didn´t exist then i had to be invented!!!
I live up to my star sign! Aquarius!!!

IceVsFire said...

.....humm como assim vcs sao mais intelegents k nos....vamos la ver :Governantes Hitler e napoleao...ok fizeram merda no fim mas enfim..ninguem e perfeito, Elizabeth II..Musicos Bono..kem e k nao gosta dos U2 e Tchaikovsky suicidou-se pk era gay mas tirando ixo era um excelent compositor,Artistas: Salvador dali mestre do surrealismo e um depravado de primeira..e impossivel nao atinar com ele, leonardo da Vinci pintor inventor anatomista e a lista continua....William Shakspeare es critor ser ou na ser eis a kestao ..ele la sabia o significado disso..Filosofos..gajos bues de intelegentes ou entao simplesmente loukos karl Marx inventor do comunismo, socrates o 1 gajo a dizer k o ppl tinha alma.. e Maquievel inventor do Absulotismo pa na falar k tinha jeito pa escrita.....
..humm a pate do seros fies....pois os tempos mudam!!