Monday, May 29, 2006

Playing on the Edge

In life you have to define your game plan…
What is it that you want out life… and if you don´t have an answer to that question, at least know what you don´t want!
Sound easy?
It should be, but those who´ve been around long enough know that simplicity doesn´t always compliment decisions.

What do I want? (Besides the Euromillions and September to come around quicker this year)
I want to get to know somebody…
Someone that captivated me with some good answers and interesting perspectives.
A person who promises to be more than what he seems.
Good conversation, aparent sincerity
A man with potential.


Not quite… simplicity is killed by implications, possibilities and consequences that threaten other decisions previously made. For example:

I decided never to flatter a man with compliments that can and will inflate his ego! Yet I´m taking the oportunity to tell someone to whom this particular entry is directed, that he has the most beautiful blue eyes that i´ve ever seen. The kind of eyes that cause you to lose your train of thought; the kind that you could never get tired of looking at.

More than the imaginable… especially thought up by me!

Some revelations are the equivalency of shooting yourself in the leg or swimming with sharks. (double pun intended)
So why take the risk? That´s the craziest part… I don´t know and maybe that´s what makes the most sense. It´s like pushing random buttons and then waiting to see what effect they have. I find that the greatest surprises in life are recieved when you have little or no expectations.

Am I good guesser or was I hoping i´d eventually hear your voice on the other side of the phone?
Have you figured it out?
Was there any truth behind the answer I gave you or was I lying?
As far as i´m concerned, you can understand it either way! :-P

Anything else i´d like to share with the blue eyes that caught my attention?… (wouldn´t you all like to know! :P)

I´d to remind him that there is more to a person that what meets the eye. That sometimes when you think you have someone figured out; you´ve only just scratched the surface and that if you´re wise, you´ll remember where the danger lies in knowing someone´s thoughts ;-)


Storm said...

IF hes not clever enough to keep u sunshine, there will be someone here in SA who will!

Lou said...

Just wanted you to know how much I admire you girl. I haven´t met anyone else with as much courage as you and it shows in every step you take.
PS. If it works out with you and blue eyes, you better take him with in September!

Patrícia Chaparrínho said...

Blues eyes is very welcome in Madeira. The girls would like to meet him. We´re all praying for both of you. You deserve some peace in your heart. I want to be the godmother, loooooool!!!! Now... seriously: Que sera, sera. God has his own way of showing us the right path and I found out that the right path is to follow our hearts, so... keep folowing yours. Even though he might sometimes lead you through muddy soil he´ll always bring you to a beautifull garden at the end, you just have to learn to see the rocks in the mud before you step on them, that way... you´ll get there faster!!! Luv ya!!!!

IceVsFire said...

Axo k conheces me o suficient pa saberes o k eu axo...sabes como eu costumo agir nestas situaçoes , sabes alguns dos resultados e sabes k sentimntos traz-me...e tb sabes o valor da te posso dizer uma coisa se e tempo de agires é agora e lembrat k seja la o k fizeres ninguem se vai lembrar daki a 100 anos...e mesmo k se bom estilo portugues....K S FODA!!....vive, faz o k t apetecer akilo k keres...mais vale arrependerst d fazeres uma cena do k t arrependeres de nao a ter feito...esta frase ja ta mais k batida mas mesmo assim da sempre k pensar..felecidades!!

dreams said...

dream what you dare to dream...
go where you want to go...
be what you want to be

sweet kisses *