Tuesday, May 09, 2006

On Second Thought

Thanking God that thoughts cannot be read or heard, I smiled smugly as I tried to imagine my colleague’s reaction if he knew the nature of the thoughts that he caused to cross my mind…

Determined to find a particular piece of information to back himself up on a particular process, he leaned across my shoulder and began to surf our inter network.
Getting that closes resulted in two assaults of the senses: the first coming from the warmth that radiated from his arm. A slight movement caused skin to brush against skin resulting in an instant spread of goose bumps. And the suave, masculine scent of a man that’s just begun to transpire is sheer torture on any woman required to behave professionally indifferent. It took all my strength to resist the temptation of closing my eyes and breathing him in…

Trying to concentrate on what he was showing me on the computer screen, I hesitantly forced a million and one ways I’d like to respond to the temptation his nearness represented. The word “unintentional” wasn’t being processed by my overheated imagination that knows no resistance so such assaults of the senses.
If thoughts could be read or heard – I’d be in a whole lot of a trouble each time a member of the opposite sex caught my attention!

The fictional book I just finished reading based on war and magic make me rethink my gratitude…
To read minds (without having mine read of course!)…
I’d never by fooled by a lie ever again
I’d know exactly what people wanted!
I wouldn’t ever have to wonder what makes people tick and best of all:
I’d know first hand what people’s intentions were!

Satisfied with these benefits, I shared this thought with the attacker that originated it in the first place and who continued to contribute to the increasing hormonal activity and pheromonal productivity in my system… and who surprised me with his opinion:
“To read another’s mind is to be prepared to fall in love with their thoughts”

Immediately calculating that mind reading would save me from attraction to the opposite sex, I was caught off guard at the possibility that it might cause the opposite reaction. I had been so convinced that the truth to the male mind would repel and kill all chances of attraction that I hadn’t considered the possibility that I could be captivated by the beauty and heartfelt thoughts of a man… the kind I could fall in love with.
Not willing to agree or argue, I merely pointed out that it takes more than thoughts to fall in love.

I stand in awe of God’s wisdom that created thoughts private and secret, never to be revealed unless we so choose. This power of choice is what makes us human and… avoids the revelation of all unprofessional ideas and opinions meant to keep the decency and peace within the working environment!

Watch your words – but set your imagination free!


Laura said...

Existe um ditado antigo muito deveras interessante: "Nao se come a carne onde se ganha o pao"...
Vê lá o que inventas desta vez!

IceVsFire said...

O rapazinho ta mesmo a mexer contigo..heheh o k eu na dava pa trabalhar nesse escritorio e observar as tuas reaçoes....kunto a conseguir ler as mentes ...axo k ficarias desiludida e estupfacta ao mesmo tempo com a kantidade de barbaridades k nos passa pela nosa cabeça..e ainda devias ver ou se kalher ja viste um filme do mel gibson onde ele ganha a cpacidade de ler os pensamentos das mulheres...irias ver k nem tudo sao rosas e caso pa dizer..tem cuidado com o k desejas ...pode ser k se torne realidade!!!

dreams said...

that's not easy... but...

let your dreams set free but keep your thoughts secret ;)

sweet kisses *

Storm said...

The mind is an ocean of secrets... let´s keep it that way!

Some people have more interesting thoughts than others, keep sharing yours with the mense!