Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Right Place at the Right Time

I love the feel of the cool grass under my feet.
I love the warmth of the sun on my face that fills me with light and heat, spilling onto my shoulder.
I love the infinite blue of the sky that reaches far into infinity, beyond the clouds from where angels watch over me and where my prayers are received.

Listening to the sound of the water flowing in the central fountain, I’m grateful for the accompanying singing of birds and laughter of children.
Every now and then I’m hit by a ball accompanied by some or other apologetic smile.
Surrounded by joy, I can’t help by be contained with my own happiness.

I’m happy.
Leaning on a tree, legs stretched with a thick book and my thoughts; hardly anyone notices me writing on my notepad and the few glances I get assess me as a student.
Always a student – it seems there’s always something to learn and when it’s not new, it’s refreshed.

Alone but not lonely.
I wouldn’t pick anywhere else to be.
It’s like the picture of a prayer I once said and which God answered in his own time.
Had I been the artist, I would’ve painted a few things differently:
My brother would be running after one of those balls…
My grandmother would be sitting beside me with her crochet…
Perhaps my ants and uncles would be there too and I’d lay my head on my mother’s lap as she played with my hair and spoke about this and that.

I’m neither jealous nor sad for their absence,
Carrying the people I care about in my heart entails being with them in spirit.
I promised myself to bring them here when life gives me the opportunity.

Couples catch my attention and I realise that someone else is missing…
I love my own company and lately I find that I enjoy it more than I thought possible but an inner voice tells me that someone’s missing and no friend or family member can replace.
I wondered where that person could be and if he were enjoying the sun as much as I was, maybe this summer I’d get to show him this tree I found myself under.

Someone tall, dark and handsome jogs past me and winks my way.
I laughed at how my angels let me know that they’ve heard my prayers remind me that I’m exactly where I’m meant to me…Drawing my attention back to my book of magic, I release myself into time…

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