Sunday, May 28, 2006


Today I was mugged.
I’m alright though, just shook up.
It all happened so fast.
Some guy just snatched my cell phone out my hand and ran.
By the time I realised what happened, he was gone and the doors had already closed.
I watched my mugger run away with what was mine and I was helpless to do anything about it.
People around me watched in pity.
No one had done anything; it was all too quick.
And even if someone could have, would they?
It’s a big city and everyone is looking out for themselves.
I should’ve been more careful.
I usually am… but I let my guard down and I got mugged.

At first I didn’t know what to do.
I didn’t know how to react.
It’s just a damn cell phone… in a city like Lisbon; things could’ve been a whole lot worse.

People stared at me… but nobody said anything.

I don’t care about the numbers, people that matter will eventually call.
The messages are just words that will eventually get sent to me again.
The phone in itself is replaceable… but the photos.
It’s the pictures I’ll never get back!
I remembered each picture as I’d taken them yesterday and began to cry, I didn’t care who saw and what they thought, if no one had done anything until now, there weren’t about to do anything at all.

I’m pissed that I got mugged.
I’m pissed that I hadn’t been more careful.
Worst of all… I’m pissed that I was alone.
And although all he took was my cell phone, I feel completely empty.

There’s always someone that wants to take what is yours,
Watch your back; your bag; your cell phone; your job and your heart.


Anonymous said...

sweetie, there are always things no one can EVER rob U... your experiences, your memories, your inner self! U R smthg, and never alone! I'm here, we're here! always in thought, always present!just tell us how to reach U by other means... as quickly as by phone...

IceVsFire said...

ao menos nao t magoast e perdest apenas um telefone..ha as imagens mas essas poderas tira-las outra vez num momento ainda melhor...nao podemos substituir ou recriar momentos mas podemos arranjar momentos k ultrapassem os perdidos..tb podes pensar ligeirament mais psitivo..embora seja provavel k nao ..imagina k o telemovel foi vendido para k o gajo podesse comprar comida pa familia..ou umas fraldas po bebe ...ou uam cena assim..nao recupera o teu tlm mas faz t ver as coisas por um lado mais positivo!!

Storm said...

You see... there´s a perfectly good reason to come back to South Africa! ;-)
Dont let it get to you Sunshine, as you mate upstairs said, you can take new photos and make better memories out of it.
I garantee some of those when you arrive!

Baileys said...

What? Go back to South Africa, not that i´m against SA, i´m South African myself and PROUD!!! just that i think that she´d get mugged and killed in SA!!! hehehe Baby i know what you mean with the pics, i´ve also lost so many that i would have loved having right now!!! I agree with icevsfire, eventually you with have other special moments (pics) that will substitute the ones you´ve lost!!! I miss you!!! Hope that ure number stays the same? I will ring u when i have sum spicy gossip!!! Take care and keep ure next cellfone in your bag!!! Hugs and kisses!!!

Laura said...

Mas nao o arranhaste? Ele nao te agrediu?
É sempre dificil sentir o nosso espaço ser invadido sem permissão, estarmos sujeitos à violencia que existe dentro dos outros...mas fica a experiencia que a cautela é importante e a certeza que as coisas vao se compor, pois no teu doce coraçao há muito espaço para bondade e esperança.
jinhos imensos

unresigned said...

That happened to me too, not so long ago. You know, Lisbon is not a violent place, it's a big city like any other. Things happen.
I also felt empty and angry, and it chaged me for the worse, but i got stronger at the same time. And yes, it is just a cell phone!
Hope you've over it! ( sorry for my english ) :)
Ana Maia