Tuesday, May 09, 2006


There are moments in life when it seems like time stops, when you can hear yourself breathing and in that split second it’s as if the world stopped spinning around.

I met the woman I’m becoming.
Her groomed face gave her half her age and the confidence and culture with which she held herself immediately pronounced her as a hard working career girl with years of experience.
Her spacious apartment in the centre of town is evidence of her success. The light, energy and art that it contained reflects her good taste and the Mercedes she drives is the medal she wears for having climbed up the corporate ladder as any man can.
A lawyer who has travelled, met many people and conquered her goals is worthy of the life she has ever right to boast. And yet, I could see the fragile arrogance with which she protected herself with from others and I could see with saddened pride that looking her was like looking at a mirror of my future.

An unexpected visit to the beach was the hi-light of my day.
The warm sand massaged the tension from under my feet as the sound of the waves soothed my nerves and the light sea breeze comforted my soul like a hug that you never want to climb out of.
It´s impossible to feel stress at the beach, one can only feel more alive!
Rolling up my pants, I let the surf wash away my worries.
I sang for the waves and greeted ever dog and child I met along the way.
I also too the measurements of ever cute surfer that I spied, smiling as I added mental notes to my wild imagination.
As I walked back along the beach’s margin, I looked across the ocean at the sun’s reflection on the water and smiled as I imagined a million more images like this one…
Across the ocean are the pieces of my heart.
Ahead of me is a future unbeknown to me but however way I look at it, I know the ocean will always look like this, eternally beautiful.

I walked alone in Lisbon’s streets at night and reflected at how happy I was to be alive.
Through parks, across the grass and past the bakeries…
Lights greet me from building’s windows and I try to imagine what’s for dinner and the subjects discussed by the different families.
Walking past a church reminds me that wherever I go, I’m at home and a lemon tree growing in the centre of a garden reminded me that a cold city doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s heartless.
Sometimes I forget how good it is to walk alone in my own company with no particular place to be, with nothing in particular I have to do.
Sighing as I walked part the “for sale” signs, I remind myself that God is taking care of my real state plans and I merely owe him patience.

I thought about the things I want, the goals I’m working for and the person I could be and realise two things: I already like who I am and there’s no better time to be lived than the present.

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IceVsFire said...

Hell Ya!!!
De facto kem perde demasiado tempo a pensar no futuro nao vive para alem disso as melhores cenas k nos acontecem sao de imprevisto sem planos aparecem de repent sem regras sem objectivos sao mesmo assim..ya e claro k planera umas coisinhas tb da jeito embora na faça mto o meu estilo ....
Na t precupes com o futuro...pk no fim tudo ira correr bem..