Friday, April 15, 2005

Comercial Seduction

Why that blonde model in the magazine sells perfumes…

Well, the fact that she tilts her head back, pouts her lips and closes her eyes implies that she might be in the middle of a major orgasm…
Psychologists say that girls buy it in the hopes that its magic will give them a piece of whatever it is that puts that expression on her face, and the boys buy it because they hope that its effects will result in pretty much the same hoped for reaction in their girlfriends.
Personally, I think that girls buy it because its smell will remind people of the blonde bimbo and they’ll know she’s in with the latest fragrance… and guys buy it because that blonde was the prettiest one in the magazine. The fact that she was in the magazine also tells them that it’s the latest of fragrances and therefore more expensive and consequently will earn them higher points with the girlfriend…

Advertising is the God of all Commercial seduction… visual, audio… wherever we turn our heads there is something seducing; put there specifically for the consumer to spend his well earned wages on.

Will that new Loreal Hot really straighten your hair like Beyoncé´s?... Hell No! Take it from someone who’s tried everything… the only way you can get your hair that straight is through effort and a strong hairdryer… there are no magic formula’s! Yet we buy these products because we want something that the seducer has that brings out the best in us… in this case: the straight hair.

And the Prize of Persuasion of the month goes to….. Coral Beer! As you can see in the picture above, our local beer suppliers took advantage of the Easter Season to add the traditional bunny and the seductress to their advertising. Translation: It’s the season to come out of your hole. Imagination of the consumer closes the deal.

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