Friday, April 15, 2005

Intimate Seduction

What kind of an analysis would this be if I didn’t add the intimate and the naughty of seduction? This is the beginning of all foreplay and all that joins two people.

I’d say it was that look in his eye… the way he looked straight into my eyes as if he was looking straight through me. The enchanting smile and words thick with charm resulted in forbidden thoughts. Perhaps it was the whisper in my ear that or it was the warmth of his breath that blew shivers onto my skin and warned me that I was tip toeing close to the edge. I love the way he so very lightly traces my arms with his finger and plants a kiss on my wrist. The very scent of him tranquilizes my senses and yet leaves me with an acute sense of awareness. I can scan more details, feel more, taste more, smell more and even hear better as the sound of his voice tempts me to take his breath away with a kiss.
The whole mechanics of a kiss fascinates me and implores me onto further exploration. Maybe it’s the friction created by two pairs of moving muscle combined with the warm potion found deep inside and motivated by the discovery of the curious tongue. It’s a technique perfected with time and personal touches, I particularly love the light suction of my bottom lip or the slight graze of teeth. This technique is also particularly successful on earlobes which in turn leads to the much desired kiss to the neck.
A kiss to the neck will give guarantee this man’s successful seduction unless I can reverse roles and continue the natural trail of a kiss onto his chest… past his heart and down to his stomach.
Perhaps this is too much heat, too much… too fast but there’s no use pulling away because he pulls me right back into his embrace.
I love the way he wraps his arms around me, the sound of his heart beating and the warmth of his breath and the way his hands fumble with my shirt… There’s something awfully erotic in slowly removing someone’s clothes…

If seduction and imagination were sins, I’d be condemned to an eternity of a fiery hell… or an eternity of heaven, depending on the perspective you choose to see it as…

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