Friday, April 15, 2005

Personal Seduction

Why do some people have more friends than others? Some say they possess honey that attracts people like bees to a flower… What is this magic if not seduction?
In order to seduce someone, one would have to press buttons. To press buttons means to search for what it is that captivates that person’s interest… once you found it, you milk it for it’s worth!
This is why we can have friends of all walks of life. All it takes is finding the common ground between you and you find the solid foundation to a relationship. To relate is to share a common interest and explore it.
Accused of being an incorrigible flirt, I was stunned at the statement by one of my best friends and decided to investigate the facts.
Analysing recent e-mails that I’d exchanged with a good friend, I decided to reread them with the mind of a stranger that knew nothing of the friendship between us. The result was uncontrollable laughter as I realised that we’d been playing the seduction game quite close to the edge. Fortunately (or unfortunately: it all depends on perspective)… my good friend is happily married, old enough to be my father and living at quite a distance away. This means that the implied kisses and second meaning words are no more than good clean fun… And why do we do it?
Because we love that anxiety of waiting for the e-mail that you’re sure will get your imagination working and your mind asking “Now what did he really mean by that…”
Intelligence and a good sense of humour has always been a turn on for me and the challenge to accompany those virtues is what makes the blood in my veins run...
That friend I hugged or the one I winked at and even the one I danced with… it isn’t commitment proposal… it’s seduction. I search for his interest so in turn he wills to reciprocate into searching for mine...

Someone once told me that the world would be heaven if only man treated his neighbour as he wishes to be treated. With this concept in mind, imagine the revolution in the world if each person decided that the kind word or gesture parted from them first… The world would be heaven on earth.

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