Friday, April 15, 2005

Seduction VS Manipulation

The difference between seduction and manipulation lies in intention. What are you aiming for? Is the teasing all good clean fun or are there second intentions behind your flirting? Who reaps the benefits from the results produced?
Be sure to know exactly what your intentions are and how far you’re will to go before attempting to captivate someone’s attention. To dance upon the edge is to risk falling so be sure you know your steps and your limits before the music starts. To fall prey to seduction is a choice and therefore there are no victims. Because seduction is not compromising, you are free to pull the plug at any moment, leaving no room for excuses.

How to be tempting and seducing? Well, you can start by forgetting everything that magazines and television tells you. Attraction lies on different aspects for each person… what attracts one person will repel another; wouldn’t it be a nightmare if we were all attracted to the same things?! So there is no full-proof formula or pattern you can follow in order to become Don Juan…
In my opinion, seduction starts in finding your self confidence and being yourself. The minute you discover the things you like about yourself, others will discover it too… Be honest and sincere and you’ll produce what is known as seduction. Manipulation is using seduction techniques with ulterior or secondary motives.

Those who seduce and are seduced ride ecstasy to heaven… as for the manipulators, also known as players: beware of the universe’s law of justice for what goes around comes around.
He who plays with fire eventually gets burned, what makes you think you’re immune to a spoon of your own medicine? To be manipulated by someone you choose to seduce is the most fitting of punishments for the player. Don’t forget that manipulation causes far more damage than rejection ever will.

To he that challenged me to write this and to she who accuses me of being an incorrigible flirt… I confess and make no apologies!

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